Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The recovery topic of the week celebrates Veterans contribution to society

Weekly topic

Helping others by emphasizing  their strengths and talents

The mental health recovery movement or paradigm states that people with mental disorders improve their lives not only with psychiatric, psychological and social care but with the promotion of proved elements such as making

emphasis on the strengths and talents  of the person who suffers a mental disorder

A conversation between Pura Sobriedad and Recupero Seguro could go something like this.

Recupero starts the conversation.

-I have no idea why my therapist only asks me about my symptoms, about how I feel, about my medications and whether I am attending therapy sessions.

-Well, that is the usual or traditional way to find out if you are better or not. Do not dwelve on that much. It will not serve you well.

-I wish she would ask me about how my music class is going. I have learned a lot on the piano and that fills me with joy. I also enjoy helping others who feel depressed.

-It will be a matter of time. Just tell your therapist about your music...also about the poems that you are writing. I read the last one about how children think about their parents and I liked it a lot.
Next session tell your therapist you do more than suffer symptoms.

(Pura has been a supportive person to many people with mental disorders at least since 1994 when I discovered her working as a volunteer in the alcoholism clinic. She has continued to help and has learned much about other models of suffering like bipolar illness and post traumatic stress disorder. Recupero is a patient in a large healthcare system. Recupero is not his real name but a pseudonym. Such is Pura Sobriedad too.  Recupero is now an employee whose job is to provide support through his own example to other people to suffer mental disorders. He has been doing a great job according to the director of the peer support training program).

Friday, May 23, 2014

Somewhere along the way

It's a thin line betweeen Love and Hate
and somewhere along the way those lines became blurred.

Somewhere we lost touch with our own reality.

Our Dreams suddenly became nightmares that torment us.

What once was positive becomes negative due to the fact that those

lines have now become blurred.

Our Vision becomes Foggy and Faint;

our thoughts soon follow like distant memories of the past.

We become slaves enchained in a mental prison that seems almost

impossible to break free from.

Hope and Faith seem all but lost, Friends and Family seem all but

gone. Pain and suffering has taken the place of happiness and joy.

Somewhere along those Blurred lines, we forgot to Love ourselves, we

forgot all the Beautiful things we can do, and we forgot how


Somewhere along the way we forgot.......

With permision.  By LMP      April 2014   San Juan

mental illness poem by a recovering person

I know you may no think so
But I'm trying really hard
I don't do it on purpose
I did not pick this card.

I'm trying my very best
To get this hurdle jumped
But no one els is there
To help me out of this slump.

I don't know what you want from me
Give me a hint or clue
Please give me a sign
I don't know what to do.

If you only knew
How much I struggle in this war
Maybe you would be there
To pick me off the floor.

It's time to stop pretending
Time to open up your eyes
To give me a hand
Instead of looks and sighs

It's not that I don't love you
And it's not that I don't care
The fact is I need help too
I need somebody there.

With permission from AP   2014 San Juan

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A cada uno de mis pacientes

Por que yo estoy agradecido de usted?

Por que usted ha confiado en mí.

Porque se ha resignado cuando tuvo que esperar para hablar conmigo

Porque sabe que no lo sé todo.

Porque me alerta si al final del día me ve cansado y que no pongo atención suficiente a lo que me dice

Porque no falta a las consultas.

Porque permite que otras personas me ayuden a ayudarlo.

Porque permite que yo crezca como ser humano.

Porque hace un esfuerzo por seguir mis recomendaciones.

Porque reconoce que ambos somos iguales en busca de una mejor calidad de vida.

English version

Why am I grateful to you?

Because you have trusted me.

Because you waited to talk to me

Because you know I do not know everything.

Because you made me aware at the end of the day if looked tired and was not paying enough attention to what you said

Because you attend appointments.

Because you allow others to help me help you.

Because you allow me to grow as human being.

Because you make an effort to follow my recommendations.

Because you recognize that we are equals in search of a better quality of life.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

First VA Community Psychiatrists Seminar

Este sábado 4 de junio a las 8AM el Sistema de Salud de Veteranos de Puerto Rico lleva a cabo un seminario sobre recuperación, prevención del suicidio, documentación y privacidad de los servicios psiquiatricos para Veteranos en Puerto Rico.

Seminario esta limitado a psiquiatras que tienen contrato con esta institución federal.

Cuatro horas de educación continua. Segundo piso del Hospital de Veteranos en San Juan.

Sin costo alguno. Estacionamiento gratis disponible.

La invitacion formal fue enviada a los psiquiatras contratistas por correo general.

Invitación enviada por la Jefa del Servicio de Psiquiatría Dra María L Reyes Rabanillo

Los cinco conferenciantes y consultores trabajan a tiempo completo con el Hospital de Veteranos.

Coordinador de la actividad Néstor J Galarza Diaz


This Saturday, June 4 at 8AM the Veterans Health System of Puerto Rico will hold a seminar on recovery, suicide prevention, documentation and health privacy of mental health services to veterans in Puerto Rico.

This seminar is limited to psychiatrists who have contracts to serve Veterans through this federal institution.

Four hours of continuing education. Second floor of the Veterans Hospital in San Juan.

No cost. Parking is available.

A formal invitation was sent to psychiatrists.

Invitation sent by the Chief of Psychiatry Dr. Maria L. Reyes Rabanillo.

The five speakers and consultants who work full time at the VA Hospital.

Activity Coordinator Nestor J Galarza Diaz